what is the difference between a software developer and a web developer

software consultancy and web development birmingham are words that are commonly heard. But people usually mix these two designations as they don’t understand the difference. There is a huge difference between these two terminologies. If a web developer starts working on software and vise versa then things will definitely get messy.

The websites that people visit for fun and information are basically designed by web developers. The long URLs seen in the search boxes to the interface of a website, everything is designed and planned by a web developer. They are responsible for planning, designing and executing websites that are user friendly, attractive and informative. They master the languages and technologies of JavaScript, HTML, PHP, ASP etc and with these tools they create great websites.

While you go through Google to search for different applications, someone somewhere is working hard to provide you with those amazing applications for daily use. Software developers are responsible for coming up with unique application ideas and executing them. They carry out extensive research, design a program and then test it. They check if the program runs properly, does not stuck and is easily downloaded on either computers or mobile phones.